Apr 1, 2008

Skanderbeg Warrior King of Albania - The movie

George Kastrioti Skenderbeu (Albanian: Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeg widely known as Skanderbeg, is one of the most prominent historical figures in the history of Albania and of the Albanian people. He is also known as the Dragon of Albania and is the national hero of the Albanians. He is remembered for his struggle against the Ottoman Empire, through the work of his first biographer, Marin Barleti.
Skanderbeg successfully ousted the Ottoman Turks from his native land for over two decades, halting Turkey's efforts to spread Islam through a predominately Roman Catholic western Europe. Albanians fought one of the bloodiest wars in the Balkans to repulse the invasion of their ancient Illyrian homeland by the Ottoman Turks. The saga of Albanian resistance to the Ottoman Turks was written with the blood of many Albanian Kings and to their people.
For a quarter of a century Skanderbeg and Albania prevented Turks from invading Western Europe.

He deserves a Hollywood movie, a Hollywood movie that will make history.

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Mike said...

Again, a wonderful trip into Albania. I watched the video clip on your great leader. To fight against the Ottoman Empire like he did shows the determination of the Albanian people for freedom and self determination. I am gaining more respect all the time for the wonderful people of your great country. Thank you again. I have you listed as a friend. If you ever want to write an email so we can just talk as friends, please do so. msipect2@gmail.com.
God Bless you all...

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